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Join Us!

During our first month as an organization, we worked with local groups alongside Women's March to host a march protesting the abortion bans being passed across the United States. We've held fundraisers for the Northwest Abortion Access Fund and Cedar River Clinics. Some of our members lobbied with Pro-choice Washington to advocate for bills that protect bodily autonomy in Washington State. In the Spring we counter-protested an anti-abortion group that harrassed UW students with graphic and fake images of aborted fetuses. We worked with another reproductive freedom group on campus to counter-protest Autumn Higashi's Unapologetically Against Planned Parenthood Tour. Several Green Wave members chimed in during her Q&A and we later fact-checked Higashi's statement. 

For the upcoming school year, Seattle Green Wave will host more fundraisers, do a monthly clinic defense at a local Planned Parenthood, volunteer for a Women and Children shelter, host projects that benefit UW students, and more. 

We would love for you to be part of the reproductive justice movement. Submit a form at the bottom of the page or you can contact us through or through our Instagram: @seattlegreenwave.

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