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Lobbying 101

Whether you're lobbying with an organization or requested the meeting yourself, here are some tips to become a better advocate for your community.

Meet with your group to figure out the role of each participant. Potential roles include:

  • Meeting leader: Introduce the group, keep track of time and agenda, present the issue

  • Delivery person: Present a bill/s that you're advocating for, call for action

  • Story-teller: Share a compelling story regarding the issue or share why this matter is important to you

  • Pitch person: Express the urgent need for action on this issue and how it affects Washington residents. Make the ask: “Can we count on you to support and advocate for Bill #____?”

  • Note taker: important for follow-up


Sample Agenda:

  • Introduction

  • Explain Goals/Present Issue

  • Personal Anecdote/s

  • Express Urgency

  • Make the Ask

  • Thank You

Preparing for the meeting

  • Be clear and concise with the issue you want to discuss, your position, and what action you want your legislator to take.

  • When sharing stories, even if it's short, make sure that it has a beginning, middle, and ending.

  • Don't worry if you can't answer a question during the meeting. Be honest and tell them you'll look into it and answer the question at a later time.

  • Be specific, tangible, and verifiable with your ask. 

During the meeting

  • Email a thank you

  • Answer any questions that weren't answered during the meeting

  • Repeat your ask

  • If you promised to provide additional materials and information attach it to the email.

Follow Up

Source: National Education Association, Prochoice Washington

Good luck!

If you need more information and inspiration for your meeting check out our Issues page.
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