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NWAAF and SGW Fundraiser

The Northwest Abortion Access Fund (NWAAF) is an abortion fund based in the Pacific Northwest that helps abortion seekers access care. They provide travel grants, clinic vouchers, homestays with trusted volunteers, doula referrals, rides from volunteers or lyft, or meal deliveries for people staying in hotels.

Abortion funds such as NWAAF play an important role in accessing abortion, whether a person has insurance or not. Most insurance plans don’t cover abortion care and those that do may require copay or high deductibles. People living in states that ban or restrict abortion may not have insurance plans that cover abortion care. This results in financial gaps that force abortion seekers to take their pregnancy to term.

After the overturning of Roe, abortion funds nationwide saw a surge in calls. NWAAF for example spent 75% of what they spent in 2021 in 6 months. With NWAAF extending its support to states outside the Pacific Northwest, they are in need of more donations to keep up with the current demand.

To help narrow the financial gap, we are planning on holding a clothing sale this spring with 100% of our proceeds going towards the Northwest Abortion Access Fund.

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