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Legislation in Washington Now:

Washington is a sanctuary state and it is important to enact legislation to keep it this way. Pro-Choice Washington is an organization that advocates for reproductive freedoms in Washington. They have proposed 6 bills to strengthen the protections on reproductive freedom in Washington and are lobbying for them this legislative session.

The Keep Our Care Act would take steps to prevent the accessibility of reproductive care from declining due to health entity consolidations. Care like this can often be affected when large corporations take over smaller health care entities.

The End Cost-Sharing for Abortion Care bill would make insurance companies cover the full cost of abortion care, so that patients don’t have to pay anything to get an abortion. This would make it easier for more people to get abortion care regardless of income level.

The Washington My Health, My Data Act prevents other states from accessing information related to reproductive care in Washington. This protection would make it harder for other states to prosecute people for getting abortions in Washington.

Similarly, the Shield Law will add more legal protections for abortion providers and patients so that they can’t be prosecuted for providing or getting abortion care in Washington.

The Provider Licenses & Malpractice Insurance law protects abortion providers in Washington from losing their medical licenses due to lawsuits in other states.

Finally, Pro-Choice Washington is lobbying to secure more funding for reproductive care in Washington to help meet the increased demand as more people are traveling to Washington to get care.

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